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- LATE 2011 UPDATE - (site from 2008)

This website sucks, end off. It was a part of my personal, terribly thought-out idea of having a small gaming community. I was 13 back then, very pleased with the site at the time.

Seriously, use Google Sites if you want to make a decent website without programming skills. 


Hello. This site is the X-plosive Productions main site. We have a professional Youtube account page. Link :X-plosive Productions Youtube Account Page (4543563).    We also do a link to probaly the best 'Nam radio on the net. Play's 60's-70's daily thoughout the night.            Radio Vietnam Link <-


1- Page released! 2- Video, Photo pages added. 3- Endless War 3 page  completed. 4-  Type/video/chat room up AND working! no signup or PASSWORD NEEDED! 5- Eighties song list added, for people who like that kind of music, you're in the right place. 6- Some title edits. 7- Radio Vietnam link added.


We shall be regulary updating the videos in the section. they are limited because of size, but are really good ones only.

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If you are a member, send a Email to , if you have ANY idea for a Youtube video. Remember, 100mb limit, and 10 minutes limit. (Can do parts.)